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Win, And They're In



    The Cowboys left the Meadowlands three-weeks ago, losers to the New York Giants. It prompted the "here we go again's" from the media and fans about Dallas' December woes. The same team left New Orleans last week with a season saving win, and ironically enough a victory in tonight's final December game, the Cowboys are in the playoffs.

    A thank you card needs to be delivered to the Carolina Panthers for destroying the New York Giants 41-9. Each Cowboys player was able to sit in their hotel room and watch the playoffs be handed to them on a room service platter. The help has been handed over, and now its simple: Win and you're in.

    The magnitude of tonight's game just became huge. Not only are the playoffs in sight, but a chance to erase everything from last year's choke job is right there. Don't forget, the Cowboys only had to win one of their final two games last season and couldn't.

    The attitude with these guys is different. They seem to have firm leadership in place. Tony Romo is playing flawless football. And unlike last year, there aren't any babies patrolling the locker room whining about not being involved.

    Say what you want about Wade Phillips, but this coach is on the verge of making the playoffs for the second time in three-seasons. And with the way the NFC race has been going, the Cowboys have just as good a shot as anyone to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

    Obviously, that's a goal much further down the road. The reality of the situation is that the Redskins have quit. They've quit on their coach, and they've quit on their season. If the Cowboys are truly different from last year, and a serious contender in the year's they should be able to take care of Washington tonight.

    They have more skill. They have all of the momentum. And more importantly have something to play for. That alone should be a recipe for a Cowboys win tonight. They've already gone to the toughest place to play in the league (New Orleans) and dominated. Take that kind of swagger on to the field tonight, and playoff tickets will be printed.

    Cowboys  30    Redskins  10