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Williams Happy For Austin



    The much maligned Roy Williams made an appearance on Sirius Radio this morning, to discuss, among other topics, the emergence of Miles Austin.

    This is a somewhat peculiar subject with respect to Williams. The former Detroit Lion was thought, when Terrell Owens was handed his walking papers, to be Dallas's go-to-guy for 2009, the No. 1 receiver; many (including several Cowboys legends) wondered aloud whether Williams would be an apt replacement for the attention-starved yet productive Owens.

    Deion Sanders predicted that, with Williams as the No. 1 receiver, all hell would break loose "around week 7, week 8." The legends, as it turns out, were half right. Williams would be an insufficient replacement for Owens; all hell never broke loose, however, because Austin stepped up as the de facto No. 1, the team's preeminent receiving threat.

    But far from bitter (at least publicly), Williams is happy to be in Dallas, and happy--no, scratch that--happier than anyone else, for his teammate Austin. This makes sense, considering he spent more than four seasons in Detroit.

    "Miles is a guy that, when I first got here, I said, 'Oh, you know, he's fast. He's fast, he's pretty good," Williams said, per Barry Horn at the DMN Sports Media Blog."' He [was] inconsistent with his hands as far as when I first got here, last year in training camp. And then all of a sudden I go down with the rib [injury] and he gets his chance to show what he can do and the guy got 250 yards in the game. And from that point on he just kind of rode with that momentum and he's become one of the best wide receivers in the game.

    "I know talent when I see it. Miles is an extreme talent, don't know where we would be without him, big-time playmaker. I'm more happy for him than anybody else on this football team."