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Tony Romo's Ankle First Victim of Jessica's Hex



    Jessica Simpson is proving to be a tougher opponent than the Tampa Bay defense. One week into the 2009 season and her curse may already be working its black magic.

    Tony Romo is heading for tests on his ankle Monday after suffering an injury during the third quarter of Sunday's triumphant game against the Buccaneers. Obviously the injury wasn't serious enough to keep Romo from taking every snap of the game or playing quite well, so there's probably not much reason to break out your copy of "Jon Kitna for Dummies" just yet. That said, it isn't hard to remember the way last year's slump began when Romo started accumulating injuries at a rate not seen since the battle of Antietam.

    That thought becomes even worse when you realize that Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora are heading to town for JerryWorld's grand opening on Sunday night. The slightest loss of step for Romo against that pass rush will almost certainly lead to at least one kill shot, and that shot could lead to another injury far worse than whatever Romo is dealing with at this hour.

    There's not a whole helluva lot that the Cowboys can do about it. If Romo doesn't have catastrophic damage to his ankle, he'll be in the lineup and if the Cowboys are going to beat the Giants they're going to need the downfield passing game that slaughtered the Buccaneers over the weekend. And that, of course, means moments where Romo is throwing into the face of the Big Blue pass rush and taking whatever comes his way.

    We all scoffed when news of this curse first hit the street, but it might be wise to dial up Harry Potter or some other mage to try and counteract this curse before something more serious happens. After all, what's a little war between cosmic forces if it keeps the quarterback in the lineup?