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The Picks: Giants at Cowboys



    It's not enough to say you're an enormous football fan and then just watch the games or play Fantasy Football every week. You've got to put a little skin in the game, dear readers, and make picks in public that open you up to being ridiculed if things don't go your way. Don't think about the downside, though. Think about the benefits you shall receive when your pigskin prognostications become the stuff of legend! Or just do it because all these other guys are doing it and you've got just as much chance of being right as they do.

    Peter King ( - Giants 30, Cowboys 27. King basically sees this one playing out like every other game at Jerry Jones' monument to himself. A high scoring, good offensive game with Eli Manning pulling it out at the end.

    ESPN - Seth Wickersham and Mike Ditka buck convention and make the Cowboys their choice while the rest of the ESPN crew goes with the defending Super Bowl champs.

    Mike Florio and Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk - Giants 35, Cowboys 27 (Florio). Giants 31, Cowboys 20 (MDS). 

    Yahoo! Sports - Another clean sweep from the gang with the exclamation point. They all take the Giants. 

    Pete Prisco, - Cowboys 27, Giants 21. Prisco goes the opposite way from King and thinks Tony Romo finally gets 'er done this week. 

    The rest of - Dave Richard and something called the Prediction Machine are opting for the Cowboys while everyone else puts on their Giants colors. If the Prediction Machine is right, you have to wonder why they are using its powers to pick football games. 

    Coin Flip (Home Team is Heads) - Cowboys (Coin's record: 3-3)

    My Four-Year Old Son - "Didn't they play already?" "Yes." "Why are they playing again?" "They play each other twice a year." "Who won?" "The Cowboys." "Then I want the Cowboys."

    Me - The Giants are rolling right now which is actually a good thing for the Cowboys because the defending champs tend to save their best work for the moment when all hell will break loose with a loss. But maybe that means this is actually a bad draw for the 'Boys because the Giants are somehow aware that people are doubting their ability to keep winning games. Unless, of course, they know that people are only doubting them because they are playing well and that somehow means they will play poorly to create some agita for next week. Unless...enough of the Vizzini business. We're picking the Giants to keep their streak alive in Dallas. Giants 24, Cowboys 20. (My record: 3-3)