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The Joys Of The Cowboy Fan Bye Week



    You know, it’s not just football teams that need a bye week once a year. We fans can use them, too. Indeed, if you’re a fan of a team as maddening as this Dallas outfit, you NEED a bye week. You need a moment to pause, breathe, and enjoy one Sunday away from wanting to break everything in your living room.

    After all, just because you love rooting for your team every week doesn’t mean you always have to ENJOY it. Sometimes, it’s nice to see your team go far, far away for a week, so that you can spend one day a season checking out all of the other teams in the league, some of which can go five whole minutes without getting flagged for holding. Amazing!

    And, as an added bonus, you can check out how your fantasy players are doing guilt-free. No pangs of guilt from flipping away from your Cowboys to see if Marques Colston scored. IT WAS JUST A SECOND! YOU SWEAR! Consider the following games:

    Vikings/Ravens: Oop. Wait. Never mind. If you don’t wanna spend Sunday in a constant state of aggravation, best to steer you away from all things Favre-related.

    Giants/Saints: The Giants could lose! That would be nice. Also, you might be a chance to see Eli step on his own foot again. Oh, those Mannings. Is there nothing they won’t do for a laugh?

    Chiefs/Redskins: Think you have it bad? Watch and squeal with delight as these two teams fail to field anything close to a competent offensive line. Nothing like an 8-play drive that goes entirely backwards. Best of all, I bet you the Skins LOSE! You will learn to appreciate having the league’s #1 rated offense when you watch the Skins try in vain to complete a pass longer than 3 yards.

    Cards/Seahawks: One of these team will likely make the playoffs despite having a worse record than Dallas. FUN!

    So kick back and relax this week, citizens of Dallas. For one Sunday and one Sunday only, you are spared the potential agony of watching the Cowboys underachieve and get to watch NFL football in a relatively stress-free environment.