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Teammate Says Lewis Might Not Retire



    As Ray Lewis does his famous dance on Sunday evening — you know the Ravens will do individual introductions for that reason alone, something that is greatly missed since the lame advent of the team running on the field together — he'll apparently be doing it for the last time, on a football field anyway. Who's to say he won't do it every now and then in front of his mirror or on the set of ESPN when he's an analyst?

    After his 17 seasons in the game that have made him arguably the greatest middle linebacker to ever play the game, the embattled, flashy, crying star has said he would retire following this season for weeks now. Who knew that his season would end in the Super Bowl?

    Well, here we are, but hold your horses because Lewis' long-time teammate Ed Reed has gone on record questioning whether Lewis will actually hang it up at 37 years old.

    "Maybe he'll play 10 games next year," Reed told

    So maybe he'll pull a Brett Favre? Who retired, un-retired, retired again and un-retired again before retiring again. We can only hope not.

    Rumor has it that Lewis already has an agreement in place to work as an analyst on ESPN, and the reasons he gave for his retirement were to spend more time with his family, which includes a son who is set to be a freshman football player at his alma mater, the University of Miami.