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Simpson Still Ogles Romo's Can



    Judging by comments made on Wednesday night's Late Show with David Letterman, Jessica Simpson still carries a torch for ex-boyfriend Tony Romo--or, at least, for his sweet, sweet can.

    Simpson spoke about their 2009 break-up and the aesthetically pleasing qualities of football pants in her appearance on Letterman last night, while insisting that she and the Dallas shot-caller are still  friends. No word as of yet if she still has the infamous pink jersey, or if she took our advice, burned it, and buried the ashes in a large slab of cement.

    Don't we all.
    Anyhow, Simpson claims she still doesn't know why Romo broke it off with her--on her birthday. We, on the other hand, still don't know why a production company thought Simpson's Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerouswas a good idea for a film.