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Power Rankings: NFC East



    In a weekly feature, we'll break down the previous week's game in the NFC East and rank each team based on current perception.

    1. Dallas Cowboys (2-2) — Did the Cowboys blow a massive chance to separate themselves from the rest of the division just four weeks into the season? Yup! Did they look bad in their loss to the Chargers? Yup! So why are the Cowboys still No. 1 in our power rankings? Well, because the rest of the division is just that bad. The Cowboys still appear to be the cream of the NFC East crop, and that says a lot. Next up: vs. Denver Broncos.

    2. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) — This should about the fifth or sixth slot based on quality, but the Eagles check in at No. 2, even after their blowout loss to the Broncos on Sunday. I have a feeling the Broncos are going to be doing that to a lot of teams this year as their offense appears to be simply unstoppable. The Eagles' defense is atrocious, but the Broncos have made every defense they've faced looked that way, so far. Next up: at New York Giants.

    3. Washington Redskins (1-3) — The Redskins picked up their first win of the season at Oakland against a Raiders team that was missing its starting quarterback and running back. The Redskins won by 10 points — far from an impressive victory, but a win, nonetheless. Next up: BYE

    4. New York Giants (0-4) — Wow. Who could've seen this Giants collapse coming? I don't think anyone thought they'd be world-beaters, and entering the season it seemed as if the Cowboys were the favorites to win the poor division anyway. But the Giants have been absolutely putrid, and could be pushing the Jacksonville Jaguars as the worst team in football. Eli Manning should have a field day against an awful Eagles secondary, but the Giants will have to stop Chip Kelly's insane offense and Michael Vick. Next up: vs. Philadelphia Eagles.