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Poll: Cowboys Still "America's Team"



    In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, the Dallas Cowboys were voted "America's Team" for the third straight year, recently, according to the Dallas Business Journal.

    This is a meaningless title, of course--one that was born of the need for a snappy title to an NFL Films feature--but one that crawls under the skin of Cowboys-haters around the country, Redskins and Eagles fans mostly, causing them to stand on soapboxes and yell frenetically through rolled up newspapers.

    Asked to designate a team "America's Team," those polled ranked Dallas first, ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd), Chicago Bears (3rd), Indianapolis Colts (4th) and New England Patriots (5th).

    Being America's Team, however, isn't necessarily a reflection of on-field proficiency, at least, not as far as those surveyed are concerned; when asked who would win the Super Bowl this year, fans ranked Pittsburgh first, with almost twenty percent of the vote; New England came in second with seventeen percent.

    Dallas garnered a lowly six percent of the vote in that regard.