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Phillips Doesn't Want To Talk About December



    Wade Phillips doesn't want to hear any harebrained theories--concocted and perpetuated by the all-sinister media--about losing Decembers. Of course, there is all sorts of "evidence" out there in the form of past "records" and "statistics," but these so-called "facts" are not a concern for Phillips. He made this clear in his presser yesterday.

    "We played a tough team on the road and they ended up beating us, whatever date it is,'' Phillips said. Fair point; the Giants are usually a tough play for Dallas. The trouble is, Dallas was in control of this game on two separate occasions. The word 'collapse' has become a loathsome one around Dallas of late, but it is painfully descriptive of yesterday's loss.

    "No, I don't think it's a mental block,'' Phillips said of December. "I think it's something you (the media) made up."

    Enter aforementioned statistics: 5-11 record in the Tony Romo era in December and beyond. 18-31 in December since 1996. It seems as though, if this were a court case, the prosecution would have sufficient evidence to convict this team on charges of aggravated suckiness every December.

    "We'll see what happens with this football team. That's what we've got to do. We can change whatever, and we're going to come out next week and try to do that," Phillips continued. "The final season record is what is the most important every year.''

    Of course, this is true. But games in December play some role in determining this all-important 'final season record.' Whether Phillips chooses to address the late-season struggles of his team in the media isn't important; but fans of the Cowboys should hope he does so, to his team, behind closed doors. Otherwise, there's no reason to hope anything will change, and Phillips, in all likelihood, won't have to hear any more pesky questions concerning December after this year.

    Jerry, if he holds to his word, will make sure of it.