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Out Of The Chute: Cowboys at Eagles



    Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Cowboys next opponent. This week, that opponent is the Philadelphia Eagles.

    The Opponent: The Philadelphia Eagles, aka the Dream Team, aka Would Have Been A Dream Team If Andy Reid Weren't In Charge

    Record: 2-4. But a DANGEROUS 2-4. Like a wounded lion!

    The Line: Eagles by 3.5.

    Last Game: A 20-13 win against the Redskins two weeks ago that marked a merciful end to Philly's four-game losing streak. The key? LeSean McCoy getting 28 carries and rushing for over 120 yards. And I suppose Rex Grossman throwing four picks also helped. Oh, the Redskins always find a way to turn back into the Redskins, don't they? The Eagles have had a full two weeks to rest since that game.

    The Coach: Andy Reid. Oh, people. Oh, what a treat it is to NOT have your team coached by Andy Reid. Think Jason Garrett lays down some questionable play-calling? My friend, you know NOTHING of ineptitude. Also, and this will sound mean (because it is), but I think Reid may now weigh four bills. He's a nascent moon.

    The Offense: The Eagles finally figured out that good things happen when you run the ball. But this is Andy Reid we're dealing with, so you never know if he'll go back to giving Shady 12 carries or less, just because Reid has no active memory. Michael Vick already has more turnovers this season than he did all of last season. One reason for that is his protection: The line has been woeful. But Vick has also been incredibly careless with the ball and spends way too much time dancing around behind the line of scrimmage. The good news for Vick is that Jason Peters is back this week at left tackle, but I fully expect Rob Ryan to put DeMarcus Ware on the right side of the line and have him pursue Vick like he's Dr. Richard Kimble.

    The Defense: This is an awful running defense, so it behooves Jason Garrett to see if DeMarco Murray can work his magic for a second straight week, especially with Trent Cole back to bolster Philly's pass rush. The supposed dream cornerback trio of Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Asante Samuel have underwhelmed thus far, perhaps because newbie defensive coordinator Juan Castillo refuses to have them cover man-to-man. The Eagles had a full bye week to tweak this defense, perhaps even secretly add Eric Mangini as a consultant (they say they never reached out to Mangenius, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW), so who knows what Tony Romo can expect thrown his way.

    Key Matchup: The Cowboys' front seven versus McCoy. McCoy has run 20 or more times five times in his career. The Eagles have won four of those games. These two QBs are gonna turn the ball over, leaving it to the backs to swing this game one way or the other.