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Newy Scruggs: Mavs Fans Deserve Wins Not Romo Sideshow Act



    Newy Scruggs: Mavs Fans Deserve Wins Not Romo Sideshow Act
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    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

    Tony Romo being a Maverick for a day is a distraction.

    Hey MFFL don't look at this dumpster fire of a season...look at Tony Romo in the layup line.

    Buy tickets to this last Mavericks home game of the season folks...even if we have a 32-48 record...come see Tony Romo dress in a Mavericks uniform and sit on the bench. Head coach Rick Carlisle says he will not play.

    This is the politics of distraction, hold up that bring shiny object (ex Dallas Cowboys quarterback) and not look the Mavs race to the bottom of the standings.  Dallas has only won two of their last ten games.  They have just one 50-win season since blowing up their 2011 NBA Championship team. 

    Mark Cuban is a darn good owner and I make no bones about being a fan of what he has brought to the city of Dallas since taking over ownership in 2000. I was a Mavericks season ticket owner for ten seasons. I don't own tickets anymore. I don't like everything Cuban does as the head honcho. 

    The last thing fans should be rewarded for a 32-win season is watching Romo in a layup line. Give out some airline tickets again. Now THAT was a heck of a promotion fan appreciation night in 2006 when Cuban gave 20,000 fans airline tickets.

    Romo as a sideshow act doesn't cut it.

    Cuban is using him to sell some tickets. It's Romo's right to play along with it. This is a minor league like promotion. I hate I have to cover this thing but hey, I have bosses. They want me out there doing live shots on Tuesday.

    Since I have to be there I might as well tell it like it is: This stunt is rubbish. Winning clubs don't do this. 

    The Mavericks have honored many DFW sports stars without making it look like a P.T. Barnum event. 

    Dallas native Jordan Spieth has won two majors in golf. The Mavs recognized him. The Mavs honored former Texas Rangers and World Series champion Pudge Rodriguez, he will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer. The club has celebrated Matt Kenseth (he's from Wisconsin) after he won the Daytona 500. They didn't suit any of these athletes who achieved milestone victories in their sport.

    I'll just quote one Mavericks insider who called Cuban's Romo sideshow, "a freaking embarrassment."

    Yep. That's sums it up.