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NFC East Power Rankings: Week 9



    In a weekly post, we'll talk about where teams in the NFC East sit after each weekend of play.

    1. New York Giants (6-3) — The Giants had the travel-logged Pittsburgh Steelers on the ropes at home and couldn't put them or Ben Roethlisberger away, and it could've cost the Giants pretty badly except for the fact that every team behind them in the division standings lost, as well. With the way things are looking, the East will be more separated than any time in recent memory as the Giants are running away with this thing, and it's not even so much their play but the lack of good play from their division foes.

    2. Dallas Cowboys (3-5) — Another close loss on the road against a good team. Moral victory? Possibly, but those are getting old. The Cowboys had to win Sunday night over undefeated Atlanta and they basically kept shooting themselves in the collective foot and prevented that from happening. Still, they're better than the Eagles.

    3. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) — This thing just keeps getting worse and it's baffling. Many picked this team, loaded with talent in a University of Texas kind of way, to win the division this year. Instead, the offensive line has been awful, as has Michael Vick, and the defensive coordinator was fired a few weeks ago. This team is in shambles, much moreso than the Cowboys.

    4. Washington Redskins (3-6) — The Redskins' defense is atrocious and Robert Griffin III has had a couple of rather spare games in a row and got banged up again. Other than he and fellow rookie Alfred Morris, not many guys on the Redskins seem to be too interested in playing football. They will continue to battle it out with the Eagles for the rights to the NFC East cellar.