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Martellus Bennett On... Monday Night Edition



    In this week's special Monday Night installment of Martellus Bennett On ..., the second-year tight end muses on the spectacle of Monday Night Football, ice cream, and how he stacks up against other tight ends around the league (in basketball).

    With no further adieu, Martellus Bennett:

    On teammate Tashard Choice, and his viewership of MNF as a child: "Tashard did? He had a TV growing up? I didn't know Tashard had a TV."

    On his own fond memories of Monday nights: "Yeah, I mean, I guess I [watched Monday Night Football]. I don't really remember. I just remember ice cream, eating ice cream Monday nights. Every night. Most of the time on Monday nights we were playing basketball. We [were] a big basketball family, so that was our night, me and my dad, we always played in different leagues and stuff, and it happened to be on Monday nights so, I mean, spending time with my Dad was more important than watching football."

    On patriarchal relations: "No, my Dad is still more important than football."

    On pediatric nutrition: "Make sure your kids eat ice cream, then they can be big and healthy like me--rocky road."

    On what to expect from Carolina's defense: "A lot of single-high, a lot of Tampa 2, so it varies. You can watch as much film but it's not the same. They might game plan differently for us, so I just go out there expecting everything. You know, I react. I take Floyd Mayweather's approach."

    On the basketball prowess of Julius Peppers, and other NFL tight ends: "[Peppers] can't play with me, though. He can't match up with me on the basketball court. I challenge Peppers to a basketball game, Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, any one of them. Any time."

    On how to "right the ship," as one reporter put it: "I've never been on a ship. I guess we got to keep it upright, otherwise it'll sink. We got Pirates of the Carribean. Me, I'm Jack Sparrow, and everybody else is everybody else, so, cool."