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Cowboys End of Season Press Conference



    Cowboys End of Season Press Conference
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    NBC DFW's Matt Barrie blogged live from Thursday's press conference where Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced head coach Wade Phillips was returning for the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

    12:27 Matt Barrie: Greetings from the Cowboys season ending press conference. I'll be sure to pass along any big news that comes out of Jerry Jones' mouth.

    12:28 Matt Barrie: We anticipate he'll officially announce the worst kept secret in football: Wade Phillips will be coaching the Cowboys through 2012

    12:29 Matt Barrie: The first bit of news breaking here at The Ranch. Myself and photgenius Noah Bullard have bet lunch on the duration of today's presser. Noah as one hour and ten-minutes and all time over. I have one hour and nine-minutes and anything under.

    12:30 Matt Barrie: Wade and Jerry have entered. Right on time. How about that?

    12:31 Matt Barrie: Jerry has made it official. Wade Phillips will be coach of the Cowboys through the 2011 season.

    12:34 Matt Barrie: Jerry just said, he believes Wade's a better coach now, then he was three years ago.

    12:35 Matt Barrie: He also added that if he didn't truley believe that his past moves prove he would've made a move.

    12:37 Matt Barrie: Jerry also said Wade has be urgent. Almost as if he must win BIG the remaining two years or he's out.

    12:38 Matt Barrie: Wade is now talkiing and said he plans on making more changes.

    12:39 Matt Barrie: And really belives this team is set up to win the Super Bowl

    12:40 Matt Barrie: Wade believes his defense can win a Super Bowl

    12:45 Matt Barrie: Jerry basically just told the media shut up in regards to the length of Wade's deal. Why two years? And not three years?

    12:45 Matt Barrie: I believe the quote was "Let's quit b.s-ing each other."

    12:47 Matt Barrie: Jerry just confirmed the rest of the staff will be retained. No heads rolling today.

    12:52 Matt Barrie: Jerry is now slurping Wade on whhat a great defensive coordinator he is. Kind of awkward

    12:56 Matt Barrie: Jerry was just the typical management type. I'm paraphrasing here, but he basically said the money and security isn't what's driving Wade Phillips. It's his desire to win a Super Bowl.

    12:56 Matt Barrie: Translation: We're going to underpay Wade and under secure Wade because he's just lucky he has a job.

    1:00 Matt Barrie: Like I mentioned on "Out of Bounds" Sunday, the face of this team for the next couple of years will be the defense. Both Jerry and Wade believe it will be the motor behind their success.

    1:00 Matt Barrie: Jerry just complimented himself on his draft class.

    1:01 Matt Barrie: It really wasn't that good accept for David Beuhler (kicker) and John Phillips (tight end)

    1:02 Matt Barrie: BTW, Jerry's rocking the leather jacket. He's an Ed Hardy shirt away from being your typical uptown patron on a Friday night.

    1:05 Matt Barrie: Jerry was asked about Roy Williams. Didn't exactly give him a ringing endorsement. But said he still believes in his potential.

    1:08 Matt Barrie: Now Wade's making excuses for Roy. Saying "we still had a prolific offense"

    1:10 Matt Barrie: Jerry just said his 500th "uh" during this press conference

    1:13 Matt Barrie: Jerry just spoke an entire sentence in English, and I have NO clue what he just said.

    1:15 Matt Barrie: Wade just said they need to evaluate the production of the kicker. That shouldn't take too long.

    1:17 Matt Barrie: Wade just made a funny.

    1:18 Matt Barrie: The financial details of the contract were not disclosed. Jerry said if it's reported "it's wrong" unless it comes from him.

    1:18 Matt Barrie: He also admitted that Wade is 'probably" underpaid.Thursday January 21, 2010 1:18 Matt Barrie

    1:19 Matt Barrie: That concludes our live press conference blog. Have a great day.