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Jones: “My Confidence Was Shaken”



    So here’s a story that you’ll find both heartwarming and terrifying all at once. In an interview with reporters Wednesday prior to his team’s matchup with Philly in the Wild Card round of the playoffs on Saturday night, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that the team’s December swoon last year shook his confidence and ALMOST got him to reconsider how he does business. Via the Washington Post:


    "The criticism that I deal with the most is that I should have a general manager or I should have a football management in between the ownership and the coach," said Jones, who has owned the team since 1989. "Because of that kind of self-designed structure that we have here, and hearing it for 20 years, then it was pounding in my head pretty good when we left Philadelphia."

    Jones didn't change his role or head coaches, sticking with Wade Phillips, and he feels much better a year later.

    Well, thank goodness for that. Think of the bullet you dodged, Dallas. To imagine, the Double J was THIS close to admitting that being his own GM was a bad idea and then investing a true general manager. Phew! Good thing something like that never happened!

    Now that he has a division title in his hands, Jones is confident once more that his way of doing things is totally the way to go. Um… yay? I guess?

    I’m not sure this division title was worth it, people.