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Jerry Jones Wants Everyone to Turn the Page



    Jerry Jones is determined not to let Sunday's loss to the Eagles be a defining moment for this Cowboys team.

    On his radio show Tuesday, Jones played the role of motivational speaker and urged everyone to get past the humiliation in Philly. He counseled against dwelling on the defeat because there's still plenty of reason to feel confident about the team's chances to succeed this season.

    "I think you’ve got an opportunity to have a good team. Consequently, when I look at the makeup of our team, that’s why I don’t want to – and fans shouldn’t either – dwell on this game. Philadelphia is a good team. They are a good team right now. It was maybe an aberration that they started off like they did. But good teams don’t always win the Super Bowl. That gives everyone else a chance, too. We caught them right. They played well. We didn’t play well at all. Let’s look and see what’s down the road for us."

    That gets a little bit confusing. You're supposed to be keeping the faith both because the Cowboys are a good team and because good teams don't always win the Super Bowl? That seems like a bit of a stretch and the part about good teams not winning the Super Bowl is particularly hard to swallow.

    Yes, there are good teams that don't win Super Bowls. But it is hard to think of one team that won the Super Bowl that wasn't a good team. And it is hard to make a bold proclamation that the Cowboys are a good team right now.

    People might have been dismayed by what went down on Sunday night, but it is hardly the only thing that has people feeling pessimistic about the team's chances this season. The Cowboys haven't shown nearly enough consistency to this point in the season to buy into them as a team capable of making a run deep into the postseason.

    Better to concentrate on the end, when Jones tells everyone to look and see what's down the road. He's surely referring to a schedule that offers plenty of chances for wins over the next five weeks, which isn't a bad place to turn your attention with a 3-4 record after seven games.

    At some point, though, the Cowboys are going to need to beat the Giants and the Eagles if they are going to make the playoffs. You don't need to dwell on any one loss to find it hard to see how they are going to do that with this team.