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Jerry Jones "Disappointed" But "Proud"



    Owner and general manager Jerry Jones was visibly disappointed after Sunday's 34-3 beat-down in Minnesota, but he refrained from a fatalist screed of the sort many fans lobbed forth on message boards in the wake of the game.

    Namely, he tried to give some perspective, using last season's Philly Flop as a point of reference.

    "Totally different feeling than I felt from our last ballgame at this time last year on the road," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. "We had more success than I think generally we were expecting to have. I'm proud of these guys. They did improve continuously. This shows that if you go on the road and play a team like this and has good players and has a quarterback like Brett Favre that we didn't have enough."

    To be sure, there was ample support to suggest that Dallas "didn't have enough" on Sunday. Tony Romo spent the afternoon under siege, the defense couldn't stave off the big-play threat (read: Sidney Rice) and Shaun Suisham missed two field goals, just to name a few examples. Perhaps it is this reason, that Jones opted to look forward in his comments yesterday.

    "I'm not discouraged in any way in where we're going," said Jones. "We made significant improvement and we'll build off the positives. This was disappointing ... I think we'll just again take the positives that we had, the positives that our staff has and I'm not going to get into the staff tonight but I feel and felt good coming into this game. I'm not discouraged. I'm disappointed."