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Former, Current Cowboys: No One's Satisfied With One Playoff Win



    When the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles last Saturday for their first playoff win in 13 years, the exaltation felt on the part of fans was palpable around Dallas.

    It was the first round, granted, but the win was more than a decade in the making, the circumstances blurring the reality of a first round win that would have been met with a sort of expectant, passing joy a decade previous.

    But shortly after the fact, the question of the turnaround surfaced: "Will anyone be happy with one playoff win, even if it did entail prying a monkey of the team's collective back?" The team itself answered the question tacitly at first, by celebrating in a muted fashion their opening round win. Only later did they vocally confirm what seemed so obvious on Saturday night.

    "Obviously, that win was huge last week, but I didn’t come here just to win a playoff game," said tight end Jason Witten on Wednesday, per ESPN Dallas. "A lot of people weren’t brought here just to win a playoff game."

    The feeling isn't limited to current players, either. Troy Aikman, on a recent conference call (per the DMN Sports Media Blog), said that the Dallas Cowboys would be disappointed with "just winning a playoff game," a certain owner/general manager in particular.

    "I can tell you there is an owner in Dallas who is not going to be thrilled," Aikman said of a potential loss. "I don't know if winning a playoff game satisfies anybody."