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Forbes: Cowboys Most Profitable Brand In Football



    As former-Cowboys and current-Saints linebacker Scott Fujita implied a few days ago at media day in Miami, the Dallas Cowboys are probably  the most hated team in football; but they are also (quite easily) the most popular, as evidenced by the apparent uber-marketability of that blue star.

    According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are the fourth most profitable brand in all of professional sports, the only NFL team to crack the top ten. Three MLB teams made the cut, with the Yankees being the second largest brand, and the Mets and Red Sox coming in ninth and tenth, respectively.

    The Cowboys are wedged between two international soccer giants, Real Madrid (3) of La Liga and Bayern Munich (5) of the Bundesliga.

    Just how marketable is that brand? Well, according to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys' brand is worth $208 million. For reasons of context, it's worth noting that this is $128 million more than the average NFL team and $52 million more than that of the New England Patriots, the second most profitable brand in the NFL.

    So, sure, the Cowboys may not be playing in this year's Super Bowl; but fans can rest assured that Jerry Jones is really, really loaded.