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Five Questions: Cowboys vs. Eagles



    Every Friday, we’ll tackle five big questions for the Cowboys going into the weekend’s game.

    1. Remind me again, what has to happen for the Cowboys to get a first round bye? Easy. They must beat the Eagles, then hopes the Vikings lose to the Giants, and the Cardinals lose to the Packers. If that happens, the Cardinals would then be the 4 seed and would have to face Green Bay (the 5 seed) in the Wild Card round. The Vikings would host the Eagles, who would be the 6 seed. The Cowboys would then potentially host either the Eagles, or the Cards/Packers winner at home two weeks from now.

    I know a lot of people profess confusion at playoff scenarios, but I love pondering them. So many tasty possibilities.

    2. If the Cowboys lose badly, does it portend a first round loss? Sure does!

    3. Who’s broadcasting the game this week? I don’t even have to look to tell you it’s gonna be Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. (looks) Yep, it’s Buck and Aikman. They should just leave a bag of toiletries in the booth at the new stadium.

    4. Seriously though, if the Eagles crush the Cowboys 44-6 like last time, I’m apt to do anything. Go on a killing spree. Eat an entire crate of those Cookie Doug Bites they sell at Blockbuster. Burn a Cowboys flag. I CAN’T TAKE THIS PRESSURE. WHAT DO I DO? Just calm down. Relax. All things considered, this has been a lovely, turbulence-free Cowboys season thus far. Regardless of what happens, this is a shockingly LIKABLE Cowboys team if you don’t count Roy Williams. It’s not every year you get a team you have genuine affection for. Savor the flavor, gang.

    5. For real though, if they win this and somehow get the 2 seed, they’re suddenly the NFC favorites. HOLY SMOKES! I know. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? This is gonna be fun.