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Emmitt: Williams Wasn't All Bad



    Everyone loves when Emmitt Smith sounds off on something, mainly because we get to hear him talk and spout off what he calls his "Emmittisms".

    But unless you listen to those blowhards on Chicago sports radio, you didn't hear Emmitt make nice with current Bears wide receiver Roy Williams, who was cut loose by the Dallas Cowboys in the off-season and signed on with the Bears along with former Cowboys teammate Marion Barber.

    Emmitt told "The Waddle and Silvy Show" (sounds fascinating) on ESPN 1000 in Chicago that he was originally a harsh critic of the move the Cowboys made to get Williams from Detroit, when Jerry gave up his first-, third- and sixth-round picks in 2009 and his seventh-rounder in 2010 to acquire the former Odessa Permian and Texas receiver.

    He averaged just more than 500 yards and six touchdowns in his two full seasons in Dallas but endeared himself to some by "playing really hard" and being a good blocking wide receiver.

    Gotta admire the effort, I guess, but you don't pay a wide receiver $20 million guaranteed to block really well.

    In summation, Smith just said he was ready to make nice with Roy and said everyone makes mistakes.

    "I was very hard on him. I couldn't understand the trade," Smith said on the radio. "I thought the trade was too much for him, and that was just my personal opinion. That's no knock on the man's personal life, no knock on his character, no knock on his ability because I think he has the ability. Is he the fastest guy? Probably not. Can he make plays? Yes, he can. Will he make some mistakes? Yes, he will. That's the life of every human being on this planet."