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Dez Bryant Lives to Give His Money Away



    Is Dez Bryant starring in a new reality show based on "Brewster's Millions"? 

    The world may have lost John Candy and Richard Pryor, but it's starting to feel that way. For those who haven't made good use of their Netflix accounts, the film was about Pryor being forced to get rid of $30 million in 30 days so that he can inherit $300 million. The big catch is that he can't just give the money away or tell anyone about his mission.

    We wouldn't be surprised to learn that Dezzie's got an uncle with a mischevious streak that just kicked the bucket. First he bought Jordans for his teammates during training camp, then there was last week's infamous $55,000 dinner and now comes a tweet that can make for a very happy follower of Bryant's Twitter account.

    "When I reach 30,000 followers I will give 2 free tickets and a $1,000 to our Monday night game against the giants to that 30,000 follower"

    Granted, $1,000 isn't quite the same a buying a couple of public school teachers worth of dinner but it is still part of a concerted effort by Bryant to get rid of money in bunches before some kind of deadline.

    Already a follower of Dezzie and feeling a bit peeved about being an early adopter? Worry not, Bryant fan, because he sent another tweet a bit later making the contest a bit fairer to those who have been down with 88 since before he started going all Oprah and giving things away like a maniac.

    "Well to make things fair I will let my son choose the lucky person when I reach 30,000 good luck to you all"

    No word on what criteria the younger Bryant will be using to make the choice, but I've never met a kid who didn't like bubbles so you might want to incorporate them somehow. I've got no idea how you might do that, but let's get creative people!

    His account is just north of 20,000 followers right now so there's still a good shot for an enterprising sort to find himself at JerryWorld for the big game. You have to figure that Bryant's got access to some pretty sweet seats, so you could probably even re-sell them to finance your own take on an 80's movie classic. If you do go to the game, that grand will come in handy for parking purposes, even if it will mean you and your guest will have to split a hot dog with whatever piddling sum is left over after you take Mr. Jones up on one of his gold-plated spaces.

    What will Bryant come up with next? You didn't hear it from us, but word has it that no one in Dallas will need to buy a Thanksgiving turkey this November.

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