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Droopy Dez Banned From NorthPark



    Droopy Dez Runs Into Trouble at NorthPark

    Dez Bryant has been banned from NorthPark Mall, according to the Dallas police, for an incident surrounding droopy pants and cussing at off-duty officers. (Published Wednesday, March 23, 2011)

    Dallas CowboyDez Bryant is persona non grata at NorthPark Center -- at least for 60 days.

    The star wide receiver allegedly cussed out off-duty Dallas police officers who told him to pull up his pants.

    According to a Dallas police report, the off-duty officers stopped Bryant and three of his friends Saturday night at the upscale mall because their saggy pants exposed their underwear.

    Dallas police said in a statement Tuesday that Bryant was issued a criminal trespass warning by NorthPark representatives for his behavior.  With the warning, Bryant is not allowed back on the property for 60 days.  Should he return, he would be subject to arrest for criminal trespass.

    But Bryant adviser David Wells said his client was not banned from the mall. He also said Bryant did not receive a written or verbal criminal trespass warning from Dallas police or mall officials. Wells also said that Bryant did not have his pants down. One of his friends did, and they were all told to leave, Wells said.

    According to a Dallas police report, officers asked Bryant and his friends to pull up their pants "as not to expose their underwear and buttocks to the public."

    According to the report, Bryant fired back with, "what the [expletive], you stopped me like I stole something."

    Police said Bryant continued to curse at officers and refused to leave.

    The player publicly denied the accusations on Twitter, tweeting, “it's really a non story..the media need something to talk about.” He later tweeted that he would be going back to the mall tomorrow and that he wasn't banned from doing so.

    "Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons....I am not banned from North park lol," Bryant tweeted.

    According to police, Bryant has a history of problems at NorthPark, including an incident where police stepped in when he attempted to cut in line at the Apple Store and a citation for parking in a fire lane during the Christmas holidays.

    According to the police report, Bryant was also involved in a disturbance with a woman at a NorthPark restaurant but was gone by the time officers arrived.

    A spokesman for the Dallas Cowboys said they had no comment on the case. NorthPark also declined to comment.

    NBC DFW's Newy Scruggs & Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

    The Dallas Police Department previously said the duration for a criminal trespass warning, such as the one received by Dez Bryant, were 90 days.  The DPD informed NBCDFW late Wednesday afternoon the actual duration is 60 days. Our copy above has been updated to reflect that change.