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Dalton Shows Pressure of Romo's Job



    Hey, Cowboys fans, think you hate Tony Romo? Imagine if your quarterback was former TCU star and current Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton.

    Sure, you might say, Dalton's been awful in the postseason, but at least he's made the postseason more than twice.

    True statement. Dalton has started three playoff games in his career, and on Sunday, he fell to 0-3 in true Dalton fashion, which is basically just code word for absolutely choking the game away.

    Dalton threw two interceptions in the game, and the Bengals watched a first-half lead digress into a blowout loss at home to the previously postseason goat San Diego Chargers.

    It wasn't pretty. At all.

    If you remember, Romo was pretty great in his first postseason start, and then it all came off the rails thanks to botched field goal hold on the game's final play — a hold. Romo's not a holder. He's a quarterback.

    The case could also be made that the Bengals are set up much better for success than the Cowboys. They have one of the league's top defenses and a wide receiver that's probably better than the Cowboys stud, Dez Bryant.

    But now Dalton is a postseason failure again, and it's safe to say he's glad he didn't stay home to make his pro career.