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Cuban: NBA All-Star Weekend Bigger Than Super Bowl



    Coming off the largest victory in the history of the Dallas Mavericks franchise, and never one to hold his tongue at any rate, owner Mark Cuban took some time on Sunday evening to favorably compare the NBA All-Star Game, which will come to Dallas in March, to the NFL's Super Bowl, which will come to town next season.

    But then, perhaps this statement is inaccurate; Cuban says there really is no comparison, at least insofar as the parties that accompany the events.

    Suffice it to say, Cuban is excited.

    "The Super Bowl, from a television perspective, is the biggest event of the year," Cuban said. "But for attendance and partying, All-Star Weekend will make the Super Bowl look like a bar mitzvah."

    To be fair to Cuban, it does sound like a fairly leviathan slate of parties, with hosts ranging from Josh Howard, to hip-hop mogul (and, I'm told, "Bad Boy for life") Sean "Diddy" Combs, to familiar face Terrell Owens. The Josh Howard Foundation and the Greg Buckner Foundation will be throwing the four-day bash, the events of which are expected to draw crowds exceeding 11,000.

    Additional parties will be thrown by Miami's Dwayne Wade and Cleveland's LeBron James. Shaquille O'Neal will be taping a comedy special at Nokia Live at Grand Prairie.

    "It literally could be the largest party weekend in the history of the United States," Cuban said. "That's how big this thing has gotten."

    While this all seems a terribly difficult act to follow, one can be sure that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will take Cuban's words as a friendly challenge, a sort of "whose is bigger competition."

    And, as we all know, Jerry's pretty good at those.