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Cowboys Stack Up With Playoff Teams



    Former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current NFL Final Eight participant Wade Phillips, the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys' fiercest rival Houston Texans, used to love talkin' stats and how they measured the worth of his football teams.

    Of course, the Texans rank near the top of the league in defense this year and it's yielded actual results when you think of the mass amount of injuries the Texans suffered on offense this year.

    If Wade were still in Dallas, he'd be loving the team the Cowboys put on the field this year as the Cowboys rank right in the middle of the pack of this year's NFL playoff teams, ranking seventh in total offense and seventh in total defense. The only playoff team ranked higher than the Cowboys in both categories was the Atlanta Falcons (ranked sixth in both), who were embarrassed on Sunday by the New York Giants.

    You might wonder, how are the Cowboys sitting at home when they were so good statistically?

    Well, look at the teams that seem to be the strongest in the playoffs right now.

    There's the Texans, with their great defense and average, ball-control offense led by a strong running game. There's the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots, who are probably the three favorites to win the Super Bowl, and they all have ridiculous offenses that work at a break-neck pace, but they all struggle on defense, particularly the Packers and Patriots.

    What used to be a league that required balance to be successful is the complete opposite now, which has taught us one thing: Stats really don't mean a thing.