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Cowboys Attending Pryor Pro Day



    The latest report from ESPN on Tuesday said the Dallas Cowboys will be attending former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor's pro day workout.

    You know, Terrelle Pryor, the guy that was suspended for five games for trading tattoos for memorabilia, then suspended for good after his dirtbag coach got canned for NCAA rules violations? The guy that promised he'd be back at OSU after getting his five-game suspension even though we all knew that a load of crap? That guy.

    Well, now Pryor is trying to make it in the NFL even though he's at best an overrated QB who can probably run the ball fairly well and it would be a terrible NFL quarterback. Think a Mike Vick-ish character (minus the dog-fighting) with way less talent.

    For that matter, Pryor might not even be eligible to play in the NFL and would most likely end up in the UFL or AFL or CFL, or something lame.

    "We spoke with the NFL today and were told that no decision has been made yet regarding Terrelle’s eligibility for the supplemental draft,” agent Drew Rosenhaus tweeted Tuesday.

    Now, I suppose the Cowboys are just doing their due dilligence in attending the workout, but the last thing Jerry needs to do is bring in a guy like Pryor to mix it up with a kid like Dez Bryant. Can you imagine those two guys hitting up the jewelry stores at Northpark together? It'd be a mess, and a bounty hunter's dream come true.


    Tip for Jerry: Don't seriously consider this guy. Class dismissed.