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Choice Understands Importance Of The Run Game



    In last Sunday's 17-7 loss to the Packers in Green Bay, as you may have heard, Dallas's running backs got a paltry 11 opportunities on the ground.

    This seeming oversight resulted in Green Bay's defense being afforded the chance to "pin their ears back," as they say, and harass Romo to the tune of five sacks and incessant pressure, a wholly lopsided time of possession mark (the Packers held the ball for nearly 12 minutes longer than did Dallas) and, eventually, a tired Cowboys defense.

    None of this was lost, it seems, on anyone in DFW, as the masses scratched their heads and screamed for answers, and a return to the run; nor was it lost, to be certain, on Tashard Choice, who saw three carries in the loss, one in the second half.

    While Choice would hardly throw his offensive coordinator under the bus--like some people we've known in the past--he understands the importance of establishing the run in such clear terms, those aforementioned "masses" would be tempted to have the second-year runner have a talk with Jason Garrett.

    "It's important, it's important for Romo, it's important for our whole offense and our defense, you know, keeping them off the football field," Choice said on Thursday. "You know, Romo plays better most of the time when we got a running game behind him, and keep them honest as far as being on the defensive side of the ball, so that's really important to us.

    "The more and more we're able to do that, the better we are."