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Carter Injury Not as Bad as Feared



    When Bruce Carter left Sunday night's game with a quad injury, it didn't look good.

    With Sean Lee already out for the season, the last thing the Cowboys need is another linebacker hitting the shelf for an extended period of time. When Carter pulled up with the injury and exited the game, it looked fairly uneventful, but after the game was over, it started getting scary.

    Carter's leg apparently blew up swollen, which the team initially thought was a sign of very bad things, but after examination, Carter said the injury wasn't as bad as originally feared and the swelling was from fluid (blood) built up after a small tear.

    “It just depends on how sore I am [on Monday], to be quite honest,” Carter told ESPN Dallas. “For right now, they said I had great strength in it. I was able to do all the tests and pass all of those. It’s swelling up. They said I’ve got a little bit of fluid, just blood from a little tear, but I should be fine.”

    Not sure if that means "fine" for next week, or "fine" in a few, but it's better than originally feared. Carter has had a pretty good year. He had a pivotal interception returned for a touchdown in last week's win over the Rams and had a key tipped ball that ended up as a Justin Durant interception on Sunday night.

    The Cowboys will be waiting anxiously to hear Carter's status, not only because he's been pretty good this season but because the depth is running out at that position.