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Bulluck: “Jerry Jones Is the P. Diddy Of The NFL”



    Bulluck: “Jerry Jones Is the P. Diddy Of The NFL”

    During Friday night’s telecast of the Titans/Cowboys game, Fox play-by-play man and smarm-master nonpareil Joe Buck told a story about Titanslinebacker Keith Bulluck standing in awe of the new Cowboys Stadium in pregame warm-ups and declaring that, “Jerry Jones is the P. Diddy of the NFL”.

    Now, never mind that poor Bulluck is woefully behind on his Sean Combs’ official nickname iterations. The key thing to note about Bulluck is that he will be an unrestricted free agent in 2010. And so here we have one of the first glaring examples of the new Cowboys Stadium acting as a $1.2 billion siren song to lure in potential new free agents.

    Keep in mind also that the NFL still faces an uncapped year in 2010 (though with teams allowed to use TWO transition tags in addition to the franchise tag). So, in many ways, this stadium represents a bit of perfect timing on the Double J’s part. Any opposing player who walks into this Thunderdome will almost certainly feel a touch of envy when comparing it to their shabby home stadiums that lack Corian countertops and whatnot. All it takes is Jerry Jones ambling their way with piles of cash and saying, “YEEEEEHAW!!! IT COULD BE YOU WALKIN’ OUT OF THAT MIDFIELD PROCESSION, KIDDO!” and that’s all she wrote.

    Of course, like Diddy, you never know if Jerry will sign you, and then send you to fetch a fresh bottle of Cambodian breast milk. Mmm, that’s 100% Cambodian.