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Bennett Blames Lack of Production On Lack of Opportunity



    To say that Martellus Bennett's 2009 campaign was a disappointment might be an understatement.

    After emerging, along with perhaps Kevin Ogletree, as the star of training camp last year in San Antonio, and playing up to his ever-lauded potential in the preseason, Bennett seemed to fall off the map once the season began in earnest. The Dallas brass must not have given up on Bennett through his quiet year, as they rejected a deadline deal from the Bengals that was reportedly worth a "premium" draft pick and a "game-ready," but unnamed player.

    What was to blame for this woeful lack of production--this outstanding case of underachievement?

    A lack of motivation? Of focus? Of circumstance, with one of the best tight ends in football (Jason Witten) sharing the field with the sophomore Texas A&M product?

    Speaking with CBS11's Steve Dennis in a feature on Sunday--as featured today on the DMN Cowboys Blog--Bennett was fairly certain of the cause of this disconnect, between expectation and reality; it was a matter of opportunities, or more accurately, according to Bennett, a lack thereof.

    "I think I could be one of the all-time greats," Bennett said. "I think the Cowboys are a great fit for me ... Probably the system has to change for me to produce. Some things they have to do on the coaching side of the ball to make me ... You've got to fit into the system. It's not just all on the player. It's different things that have to be done to put me in a position to make those plays."