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Contest Really Gets NBC 5 Duo's Goat

Ferguson and Van Horne "Milk" Stock Show Contest

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    NBC 5's morning anchor Deborah Ferguson and Fort Worth reporter Chris Van Horne are used to competition, but this one really got their goat.

    The dynamic duo squared off against several other television and radio teams on the second night of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  The rules were simple: walk swiftly to a goat, squeeze and return with the most milk.  Ferguson reported the contestants were told "no running, no tripping and no drinking!"

    Contest Really Gets NBC 5 Duo's Goat

    [DFW] Contest Really Gets NBC 5 Duo's Goat
    NBC 5 Team uses warm hands and quick feet to compete at the Fort Worth Stock Show. (Published Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012)

    Fort Worth's Ferguson was a veteran and former goat milking winner.  Van Horne was a newbie but did his best.  

    In the end, a team from Univision won, but your NBC 5 duo came in second! 

    Like they tell the Cowboys, there's always next year.