UNT Scares Off Birds With Air Cannons

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    The University of North Texas is waging war against the flocks of birds that use sidewalks as their personal latrine and students as target practice.

    Booms interrupt the autumn days near the Life Sciences Complex as the university battles the birds -- and their droppings.

    "We're employing a propane-powered cannon that goes off randomly to discourage them from roosting in those particular trees," UNT spokesman Buddy Price said.

    UNT uses an air cannon to humanely scare off the birds -- primarily grackles -- nesting in the more than 2,000 trees on campus.

    UNT Battles Bird Droppings With Air Cannons

    [DFW] UNT Battles Bird Droppings With Air Cannons
    UNT is using air cannons to scare away birds nesting on campus.

    So far, it seems to be working.

    "And we're winning," UNT student Darry Hearon said. "We're winning -- there's no poop anywhere."

    "Usually, it's good for three months or so, and then we'll probably have to do it again," Price said.