Man Accused of Writing Bomb Threat on Job Application

"If you be quiet and help me, you won't die,” note said

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    A man was accused of writing a bomb threat on a job application.

    A Nebraska man was busted for listing more than references on his job application.

    Jason Dornhoff was arrested after allegedly writing a bomb threat on the back of a job application for a restaurant in Kearney, reported.

    “I have no money, a hung bomb in my truck, and a syringe of bleach that will kill you instantly. If you be quiet and help me, you won't die,” he allegedly wrote. 

    After an employee called police, the man admitted using meth earlier that day, police said in an arrest report.

    Dornhoff’s vehicle was searched but did not contain any of the items outlined in the note. He was charged with making terroristic threats and threatening the use of explosives, reported.