Dallas, Fort Worth Unsafe Driving Cities: Allstate

Dallas ranks 167, Fort Worth 138 on safe drivers report

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    NBC10 Philadelphia

    by Ty Pressley

    How long has it been since your last wreck?

    Allstate’s eighth annual America's Best Drivers Report, based on claims data, ranks the 200 largest cities in terms of car collision frequency to identify which cities have the safest drivers.

    In the 2012 report, Dallas ranks as one of the least safe driving cities, landing at 167 on the list. According to the report, the average driver in Dallas will experience an auto collision every 7.5 years.

    Fort Worth also ranked as one of the least safe driving cities at 138 on the list. The average driver in Fort Worth will experience an auto collision every 8.5 years.

    "We don't want drivers to be discouraged by their ranking. Instead, we want the report to challenge drivers to make positive changes to their driving habits that will in turn make the city a safer place to live, work and raise families," said Dallas-Fort Worth Allstate Agent Thomas Whitaker.

    Just the same, if you’re coming up close on your expected collision timeline, please consider using DART.

    Ty Pressley hails from the world of corporate communications and public relations.  He is a Dallas native and avid Cowboys' fan. 

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