Brothers Try to Fool Cops in Ladies' Room Ruse

Car thieves caught using women's voices

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    Two suspected car thieves did their best Tyler Perry as Madea impression when they hid from cops in a ladies' room, then tried to use women's voices to throw the cops off.

    Two bumbling brothers did their best Tyler Perry impression - minus dresses - when they ran into a ladies' restroom and tried to use women's voices to throw off pursuing police officers yesterday.

    Kendrick and Marquise Pitts, 20 and 19, fled Ft. Lauderdale cops after the two were spotted with another man inside a stolen pickup Ford truck.

    The Pitts brothers tried to run into a church, then ran into an office building, where they found the ladies' room.

    The brothers crouched on toilets in the stalls of the restroom, then used falsetto voices to make the cops think they were women, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

    The police quickly determined that the "women" were really men, and arrested both.

    The older brother was charged with grand theft auto, and both brothers were hit with resisting arrest and loitering charges.

    The third man in the truck, who didn't stop to powder his nose, got away.