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Early Glitch Leads to Rough Reviews for AAs New App



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    AA fixes glitch in new iPhone app that initially led to bad reviews from customers.

    American Airlines says it has fixed a glitch in its new iPhone app that left some customers unable to log in.  When the application was first released, it would only recognize AAdvantage member ID's if they contained at least one letter. Some member ID's contain only numbers, leaving those users out of the loop.

    "We actually fixed it in less than 24-hours after we launched", said AA Spokesman Billy Sanez.  "As you know, new apps always have small bugs to be worked out in the initial launch phase," Sanez said.

    But while the problem has been fixed, people attempting to download the app will still see negative comments from users, frustrated by the early log-in troubles. That may give some the impression that the problems still exist.  In the iTunes store app reviews, one user writes, "useless to me until fixed".   In another, titled, "Application Does Not Work", the user writes sarcastically, "Looks like AA did a lot of regression testing on this application before releasing it."

    The new AA app was released on July 26, and includes easier access to mobile boarding passes, instant flight and gate information, and the ability for a traveler to monitor their position on a standby list.