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World Cup Vuvuzela, There's an APP for That



    If you watched any coverage of the FIFA World Cup or read up on the competition on line, then you must have heard about the Vuvuzela.

    The Vuvuzela is a plastic horn, which when blown, sounds like a swarm of bees. During the first week of the World Cup, there have been complaints of the horns being too loud, distracting or just a nuisance.

    FIFA has said the horns are part of the South African culture and are here to stay. Now if you want to get in on the craze and annoy your friends and family, you don't have to order one of the horns on line.

    All you have to do is download a Vuvuzela app on your iPhone. In fact, there are several different versions. I actually paid 99 cents for the one on my phone. I even picked a flag of the country I'm supporting in the cup to decorate my virtual vuvuzela.

    So blow, shake or tap away, it's "almost" like being there.