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Statement Alludes to Rampant Drug Use on TCU Football Team

Brock, Davis say most of the football team failed a drug test

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    Statements made to undercover narcotics officers allude to a disturbing problem of drug use among members of the Horned Frog football team, according to arrest warrant affidavits.

    According to linebacker Tanner Brock's affidavit, he told an undercover officer that head coach Gary Patterson sprung a surprise drug test on the team on Feb. 1 and that most of the players on the roster would fail.

    TCU Player Alludes to Rampant Drug Use in Police Documents

    [DFW] TCU Player Alludes to Rampant Drug Use in Police Documents
    The investigation into alleged drug dealings on and off the campus of Texas Christian University came after a massive six-month undercover operation, in which a TCU player alludes to rampant drug use in an arrest affidavit. (Published Monday, Feb. 27, 2012)

    "Ya, they caught us slipping," Brock was quoted as saying in the affidavit.

    Later that evening, Brock told the undercover officer that, "I failed that bitch for sure," referring to the drug test. But he said he wasn't too worried about it because there "would be about 60 people being screwed."

    In the affidavit, Brock is then quoted as saying that he and teammate Tyler Horn looked over the team roster and concluded that there were only about 20 people on the team who would pass the drug test.

    According to his arrest affidavit, undercover officers asked defensive back Devin Johnson about the Feb. 1 drug test and he replied, "What can they do? Eighty-two people failed it."

    "We Have Clear Expectations For Our Students" Chancellor Boschini, Jr.

    [DFW] "We Have Clear Expectations For Our Students" Chancellor Boschini, Jr.
    TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. on the arrest of 17 students on drug charges. (Published Monday, Feb. 27, 2012)

    TCU's Lisa Albert told NBC 5 that the university couldn't verify comments made by players and reported in affidavits because they were made in the context of a drug buy.

    "TCU drug tests its student-athletes on a regular basis," she said. "Any student found in violation of TCU's drug abuse policy is subject to university disciplinary action."

    "This Investigation Began 6 Months Ago" Chief McGee

    [DFW] "This Investigation Began 6 Months Ago" Chief McGee
    TCU Police Chief Steve McGee on the campus drug busts. (Published Monday, Feb. 27, 2012)

    The Star-Telegram reported that Patterson ordered the drug test on Signing Day after a prize recruit said he would not attend TCU because of drug use by players. The results of the surprise test have not been made public.

    See a complete list of those arrested Wednesday and their alleged offenses here. See the complete affidavits here.

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