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Dallas Interfaith Group Gets Out Vote, Agenda

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    Hundreds of members of Dallas Area Interfaith went door to door to get people to vote on key issues.

    Election Day is November 2, and the deadline to register to vote is October 4. Hundreds of volunteers knocked on doors in Dallas Saturday to remind people to vote, but they had a specific agenda.

    In an organized effort by the non-partisan Dallas Area Interfaith (DAI), a few hundred people filled the pews inside San Juan Diego Catholic Church. They went through two hours of training in both English and Spanish. And with a prayer, they headed out as a team.

    Hitting the Street to Get Out the Vote

    [DFW] Hitting the Street to Get Out the Vote
    Hundreds of members of the Dallas Area Interfaith went door to door to remind people to get out and vote. (Published Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010)

    "The ones that are not here, they're going to feel sorry, because this is what gives you energy to be here," Gregoria Torres, a member of DAI, said.

    Even a thunderstorm could not stop the group, which is determined to spread its message on issues like immigration and health care. They're also pushing for more funding for public safety and education.

    "Part of our agenda is have a comprehensive immigration reform, to have health care appropriate for all individuals," Benigno Garay, another member, said. "We want to be able to send as many people as possible to go to college, as it's a very hard issue for the community that can't afford to go to college."

    In pairs, they fanned out into neighborhoods in several precincts to knock on doors. They got no response at some homes but reached potential voters at others. Their hope is to get support for their agenda, but even if they don't, they just want people to register to vote and go to the polls.

    The Dallas walk is part of a statewide effort.