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Burbs Pass Beer, Wine, Mixed Beverage Proposals

Sunnyvale narrowly passes beer and wine option

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    A woman peruses the beer cooler -- this will soon be allowed in several North Texas cities.

    The Johnson County burbs of Alvarado, Grandview and Joshua passed all alcohol-related referendums on Election Day.

    Alvarado passed an option to approve the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption and to approve the sale of mixed beverages in restaurants.

    Joshua passed a beer and wine option along with the mixed beverage option for restaurants.  They also passed a third option, allowing the sale of wine at a winery.

    Only 192 people voted, but 115 of them wanted beer and wine in Grandview.  The thirsty won the election for an off-premise beer and wine option 60/40.

    The Dallas County town of Sunnyvale narrowly passed a beer and wine option, 52-48 percent.  More than 1,100 people voted in that election.