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Dashing Through the Home: Teen Shoots Deer in Living Room



    (Published Friday, Dec. 16, 2016)

    A Maryland teenager shot and killed a deer inside his house after it busted through his family's front door and ransacked their home. 

    Ryan Manchester says he thought someone was trying to break into his home Dec. 5 when he heard banging at the door. 

    “It sounded like someone was trying to break the door down with a sledgehammer,” Manchester told The Frederick News-Post.

    Instead, he found a fully grown deer had broken down the door and was ransacking the living room, trying to break out through a window. 

    "I was relieved because I initially thought it was a person breaking in," Manchester told News4 Friday. 

    He recorded video that shows the deer trying to escape, knocking over the family's Christmas tree and causing other damage. 

    Manchester then called his father and 911 before getting his father's gun and shooting the animal between the eyes from behind his living room couch, The Frederick News-Post reports.

    But the deer didn't go down immediately.

    According to The Frederick News-Post, Manchester shot the deer a second time in the shoulder. 

    “I’m glad I shot it,” Manchester told the newspaper. “It caused a lot of damage."

    Courtesy Fontenelle Forest Rehabilitation Center

    Manchester said his parents were shocked, but his dad was proud he handled the situation "quickly and safely."