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Woman Accused of Posing as Cop to Rob Pedestrians



    A 37-year-old woman is accused of stealing wallets and cell phones while posing as an officer.

    Lewisville police suspect a 37-year-old woman arrested in Dallas on theft charges has posed in their city as an officer in a theft ruse.

    Police said Larissi Black stole wallets and cell phones while posing as a police officer in at least two separate incidents.

    Capt. Jay Powell said the two thefts had the same modus operandi. In each incident, a woman pulled up to the victims in a dark sport utility vehicle and asked the men for their wallet and cell phone, saying she was trying to identify them, he said.

    The two victims told Lewisville police the woman told them to get in her car so they could go a place where she could get backup from other officers, Powell said. The woman then later kicked the victims out of her SUV and sped away with their cell phones and wallets.

    Police say there could be dozens of additional victims.

    "It's kind of like an intoxicated driver that is arrested for DWI -- that was the one time they got caught," Powell said. "How many times have they done this and not gotten caught?"

    Police said they have reason to believe Black targeted Hispanics.

    Black has been charged in Lewisville with theft and impersonating a public servant. Both are felony offenses.