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Ventura: Mixed Emotions About "American Sniper" Defamation Suit Win



    Chris Kyle, left, and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

    Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he has mixed emotions about winning his defamation lawsuit in U.S. District Court.

    Ventura said in an interview with the Star Tribune that he is glad his reputation is restored, but wonders who will be next to throw him "under the bus."

    The former Navy SEAL and pro wrestler won $1.8 million Tuesday in a two-year fight to prove he was defamed by military sniper and best-selling author Chris Kyle, who claimed to have punched out Ventura at a bar for bad-mouthing SEALs.

    A federal jury sided with Ventura in his lawsuit against Kyle, who was killed last year in Texas. Ventura said that since Kyle's book "American Sniper" was published in 2012, he no longer feels welcome at Navy SEALs reunions.

    Meanwhile Kyle's widow, Taya took Facebook to defend her husband saying: 

    "For those of you who are in shock and speechless as I have been today... Rest assured... When it comes to my family, honor and standing up for what is right... As my dear friends Marcus and Melanie Luttrell say... I AM NEVER OUT OF THE FIGHT"

    Kyle's widow will not have to pay the settlement Ventura won in the lawsuit, that'll be covered by an insurance policy.