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Two Weeks, Two Stores and Two $1 Million Lottery Tickets

Neighboring Arlington convenience stores sell winning lotto tickets



    (Published Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013)

    Texas lottery officials are still waiting to make someone a millionaire.

    The winning ticket was sold at the new QuikTrip gas station and convenience store just south of Interstate 30 in Arlington.

    The ticket that has yet to be claimed was sold just one week after another million dollar ticket was purchased across the street at the 7-Eleven on North Cooper Street.

    The block of convenience stores is "very lucky," said Camille Ripley, QuikTrip assistant manager.

    "I'm buying a ticket when I get off [of work]," she said.

    Ripley said the store is excited for the winner.

    "It's one of our customers -- that's life-changing money to one of our customers," she said. "That's awesome."

    With the recent fortune, employees at both stores seem to be changing their sales pitches.

    "I always tell [customers] I only sell winners," Ripley said.

    "You want a ticket?" a 7-Eleven clerk asked, unprompted.

    When the customer smiled and shook his "no," she joked: "You don't want to win a million dollars?"

    Ripley said those who take their chances and buy a ticket always seem to think they have a winner.

    "They're always positive, always positive," she said. "Everybody thinks they're going to win."

    Even if they don't win, customers hardly ever seem to be defeated, just dishing out a few more bucks for a few more tickets and a chance at a fortune.

    The winning numbers for the unclaimed Texas Powerball drawing are 3-14-20-34-48 and the Powerball was 21.

    The next drawing is Saturday.