Texas Court of Appeals Upholds Death Sentence for James Broadnax

Convicted of capital murder

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    On Aug. 12 a Dallas County jury convicted James Broadnax, 20, of Texarkana, of capital murder in the fatal shooting of Stephen Swan, 26, of Carrollton.

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld the conviction of a Dallas street gang member condemned for the slaying three years ago of a man robbed of his car and $2.

    James Garfield Broadnax was convicted in Aug. 2009 for capital murder. At the time, he was 20-years-old.

    Attorneys for the now 23-year-old James Garfield Broadnax raised 56 points of error from his trial in Dallas in 2009, many of them focusing on jury selection. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected all the arguments.

    Stephen Swan was one of two men gunned down a year earlier as they left a recording studio in Garland. The other man was 28-year-old Zion Gate records owner Matthew Butler.

    While Broadnax served time in jail a few years ago, NBC 5 News reporter Ellen Goldberg asked if he had any remorse after killing both Swan and Butler. Broadnax replied, "Do I look like it?"

    After he was sentenced to death, he laughed at the mother of one of the victims during her victim's impact statement in court.