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Texas Boy Found With Babysitter After 8 Years

Boy placed in foster care



    Authorities say a Texas boy who vanished eight years ago and was found living with his former babysitter is in foster care and doing fine.

    The Texas Department of Family Protective Services said Thursday that 8-year-old Miguel Morin will remain at a foster home in the Houston area while authorities sort out his complicated case.

    Officials scheduled an emergency court hearing for later in the day. The woman believed to be the boy's biological mother is expected to appear and perhaps to testify.

    Estella Olguin of the family services agency said authorities hope to perform a DNA test on Morin as soon as possible.

    Krystle Rochelle Tanner was arrested Monday on kidnapping charges in Morin's late 2004 abduction. The 26-year-old woman was jailed in San Augustine, about 140 miles northeast of Houston.