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Record Number of Turtles Hatched on South Padre

Group says 6,000 turtles hatch



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    A group that cares for and releases endangered sea turtle hatchlings into the Gulf of Mexico says it had a record 6,000 babies born this year.

    Supporters say the total indicates the Kemp's ridley species is on the road to recovery.

    Sea Turtle Inc. executive director Jeff George told the Valley Morning Star that the turtles hatched from 69 nests recovered by the organization.

    The group informs visitors to look out for nests and mother turtles, and then patrols and collects the nests to incubate them in a special facility. Members then release the hatchlings into the Gulf.

    Kemp's ridleys are the most endangered species of sea turtle. Similar work is done in other parts of the Texas coast and in Mexico.