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Partially Skinned Puppy's Injuries From "Non-Human Predator": Dallas Animal Services



    DFW Rescue Me
    Isabella, a 4-month-old boxer mix puppy, was found partially skinned Friday, Nov. 30, in the front yard of her southwest Dallas home.

    Dallas Animal Services says its initial investigation into a partially skinned puppy found in southwest Dallas last Friday, indicates the injuries may not have been caused by humans.

    The owners of Isabella, a 4-month-old boxer mix, found her severely injured in their front yard and called Dallas Animal Services for help.

    Dallas Animal Services turned the puppy over to Dallas-based rescue group DFW Rescue Me for immediate treatment by a private veterinarian.

    DFW Rescue Me reports 60 to 70 percent of Isabella's skin was missing in a rectangular section from shoulder to shoulder starting at the base of her neck and extending to her tail.

    Dallas Animal Services said it consulted with national experts who looked at Isabella's injuries and believe it's the result of a non-human predator's attack.

    Her condition is guarded because of the amount of skin she lost, but DFW Rescue Me says she is eating and doctors are optimistic.

    Isabella is being prepared for transport to Texas A&M Monday morning where she will begin undergoing the first of many skin graft surgeries.

    Dallas Animal Services has canvassed the neighborhood where she was found looking for any information on what happened to the puppy.

    DFW Rescue Me is taking donations toward Isabella's ongoing medical care at

    DFW Rescue Me is the rescue group that cared for Justice the puppy that was set on fire in Pleasant Grove last  April. Justice died from his injuries, and four defendants are in jail awaiting trial in that case.